What should I wear to worship on a Sunday?

Gathering on Sundays with the people of City-Wide Redeemer is a joyous time to worship our God in Spirit and in truth. It is coming to worship in the name of Jesus and in the power of his Spirit that makes our worship acceptable to God and powerful to affect change in our own lives. What we wear has nothing to do with it. The way that you are valued in this community won’t be based on how you dress. Rather, the way that you are received and welcomed will be a reflection of the fact that you are made in the image of God, and therefore precious in His sight and in ours.

Should I bring a Bible to worship?

Yes, if you have one. God’s word is the only true guide for what we should believe about God and the world that he created and how we should live faithfully in his world. If you don’t have one we would like to give you one. Just let a greeter know that you need one when you come and we’ll make sure that you get a Bible. Also, if you want to pull up the Biblical text from your smartphone, simply download the free app for the ESV Bible.

How much should I bring for the offering?

If you are our guest we don’t expect you to give. Instead, we encourage you to use that brief part of our worship as a time to contemplate where it is that you have placed your trust for security and purpose in life. We feel as though it’s important to communicate that we don’t give because Jesus needs our money. We also don’t give because it earns us anything before God. Rather our giving is an outward reflection of something going on inside of us. You see, each one of us gives to what we trust. If we trust in our job for security we will give ourselves to it. If we trust in our physical appearance for security we will give all of our resources to look as good as we can. But if we are trusting God to meet our every need then we are in a position to give part of what we have to others. Furthermore, once we have experienced the life-changing grace of God in our own lives we are eager to support an effort for others to experience it as well.

What is the offering for anyway?

Our offering is used for a variety of things related to the building up of God’s people and caring for those in this local community. It is used to cover expenses related to facility rent for worship. Part of it goes toward the financial care of pastors who have given their lives to sharing the good news of God’s salvation with others and to caring for God’s people. Monies are also used to cover the costs of giving away Bibles and other resources. Other parts of our offering are used to meet the needs of people in this and neighboring communities.

What is the Lord’s Supper? Should I participate?

During the concluding minutes of our worship each week we join together in an ancient Christian meal called the Lord’s Supper. The Church has enjoyed this meal together since the night in which Jesus was betrayed by one of his followers and handed over to be crucified. Earlier that same evening he was with his disciples eating a meal called the Passover. As they were together he invited them to identify with the bread and wine they were eating in a new manner. He took some bread, broke it, and told them it was his body. He also took a cup of wine and told them it was his blood that would be poured out for the forgiveness of sins. Ever since that night Christians around the world have often gathered to eat this meal. As we look to Jesus in faith during the Supper we are not only reminded of his once for all sacrifice for sin, but our faith is strengthened and our hearts are once again assured that Jesus died for all who trust him–even us.

Participation in this meal is an outward act of the faith that exists in our hearts and minds. It is therefore a meal for anyone who has recognized his need for forgiveness of sins, trusted that Jesus paid the penalty that they deserved for sin (which is eternal suffering and separation from the goodness of God), and has determined to walk before God in the new life that Jesus provides in his resurrection. It is not for those who refuse to turn from their sinful rejection of God’s design for life, or who have not yet rested fully on the work of Christ for their right standing before the one true God.

Finally, if you are trusting Christ, but you are in a place where grief and guilt overwhelm you because of something, or things, that you have done please know that this meal is for you. Join in this meal and be reminded of how high, far, wide, and deep the love of Christ is towards those who have put their faith in him.

What is a missional community?

All the recent talk about “authentic community” isn’t just a post-modern phenomenon. Our need for community is really a reflection of how we were made to live together, to grow together, and to worship together. Before the effects of sin entered into life on this planet God had already said it would be “not good” for man to live alone. What did God do? He formed the first community. There were two members, Adam and Eve.

The point is, “authentic community” or “doing life together” isn’t a fad that any church will need to embrace in order to be “successful” or “relevant.” Rather, it is the practical application of God’s truth. It is the recognition that we will experience growth and transformation by sharing our lives with others, serving them, being cared for by them, and learning together. Neighborhood Missional Communities are central to how the people of City-Wide Redeemer experience growth in their relationship with God, care from others, and service towards neighbor. If you haven’t already linked into a group, be sure to visit the missional communities page here for more information.